Lauren Wills

Registered Massage Therapist
& Practitioner Liaison"

Lauren Wills

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About Lauren

Lauren’s interests, education, and experience are a mix between holistic wellness and dance. In 2011 she graduated from the 3000-hour diploma program at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Sidney BC. In school she took extra training for her Manual Lymph Drainage Level 2 certification and Sports Massage. After starting her career in massage therapy, and opening her own dance studio, she completed a 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training program at Feel Good Yoga & Pilates in 2013. Along with her wellness and business endeavors, Lauren has been dancing, performing and teaching in a variety of dance styles for over 8 years.

From personal experience, Lauren became interested in holistic healing when she was a child. It successfully helped her with severe allergies and sleep issues. Getting relief from natural therapies led to an early beginning of a strong passion for the use of massage therapy, Chinese medicine and proper nutrition.

Lauren enjoys sharing and teaching others the skills that she has learned. She currently instructs belly dance, erotic dance, hatha yoga, aerial yoga and has put on a couple’s massage class at her studio. She has gone to Nicaragua to teach relaxation massage while also doing feeding programs with poor kids in a small community. She has also volunteered her time doing massage at the unleashing events for youth who are affected by hepatitis, HIV and AIDS.

Lauren is very dedicated to her work and her clients. She loves helping her clients feel better and is determined to succeed in helping them. She therefore puts a lot of effort and energy into her massage treatments. Lauren is a therapist who can use a lot of pressure if necessary, and is careful to modify the pressure to the needs of each client individually. She has always believed in and promoted a healthy lifestyle. She believes that everyone should be graced with a balanced body and mind. Balancing your mind and body is important and easily overlooked in our fast-pasted modern lifestyles.

The techniques Lauren uses in her treatments include Swedish massage, sports massage, deep tissue, myofascial Release, trigger point release, joint mobilization, contract-relax, isolitic release, muscle energy, manual lymph drainage, muscle stripping. She particularly enjoys doing deep tissue, sports therapy and myofascial techniques. She also offers aromatherapy and paraffin add-ons to enhance treatments.

There are so many different conditions that massage therapy can be beneficial for, and Lauren is able to work with all conditions. She does take a special interest in working with people who have insomnia, cancer, HIV/AIDS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, IBS, COPD, Parkinsons, MS, compartment syndromes, TMJ dysfunction, hypomobility, headaches, frozen shoulder, contractures, whiplash, strains, sprains and pregnancy discomforts.

Lauren is the co-founder and owner of Amethyst Dance and Fitness, located on the other side of the block from Pure Body Health. Most of the time, that is where you can find her when she is not at the clinic. She focuses on finding new ways of dancing that can strengthen, stretch and heal her sore muscles. Other things that Lauren enjoys doing in her spare time are spending time with friends, hiking, working out, surfing and learning Jo Jitsu.

Continued Education

  • Standard First Aid CPR and AED
  • Manual Lymph Drainage - 2010
  • Sports Massage - 2010
  • Yoga Teacher Training RYT500 - 2013
  • Anatomy and Yogasana 1 & 2 - 2016